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Quality Vision Care

We have a full service eye exam facility with cutting edge electronics and optics equipment. Our facilities allow our doctors to give a comprehensive eye exam that check for refractive errors (nearsightedness, astigmatism, etc.) as well as overall eye health.

Contact Lens Specialization

All of our doctors specialize in fitting and managing both soft and hard contact lens to ensure the most comfortable and manageable contact lens experience. We carry a large variety of contact lens including: soft lenses, toric lenses, bifocal & trifocal lenses, color lenses, and rigid gas permeable lenses.

Large Selection of High End Frames

The hallmark of our boutique is our large selection of high end, hard to find optical frames and sunglasses. We pride ourselves in offering all the latest styles at the best prices around. Our brands include: Tom Ford, Burberry, Prada, Versace, Ferragamo, Tory Burch, Oakley, Ray-Ban, Hugo Boss, Silhouette, and much more (click to see a full list of brands!)

Orthokeratology Specialists

We provide consultation for Orthokeratology vision therapy, a non-surgical procedure to eliminate or reduce myopia and/or astigmatism. Read more about Orthokeratology or Ortho-K.

LASIK Co-Management

We provide co-management care for both refractive and ophthalmic surgery. Come in to discuss LASIK options and for assistance in finding a reputable LASIK center.

Gemstone Dynamic Vision Training Provider

We are a leading provider of a revolutionary vision therapy that focuses on increasing eye health and strength. This therapy has been shown to help patients read quicker with more comfort, increase attention span, and increase sports performance. Combined with Orthokeratology corrective therapy, this program has been shown to prevent myopia regression. Please come in and ask us about this revolutionary new therapy or visit the Gemstones website for more information.

Multilingual Staff

Our staff speaks English, Korean, Vietnamese, Mandarin, and Spanish.

New Patients Receive 15% OFF Second Pair of Complete Glasses!

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